Summer is in its full bloom and there’s nothing I enjoy more than blissful evening walks by the sea.  I love the wind properly messing up my hair and the summer breeze caressing my skin oh-so-gently. It often gets quite windy by the sea,  so I decided to soak up the sun in style with this dreamy feminine dress. This super easy dress features long sleeves and a high neck with an open back, while being made of a light fabric, an on-trend chiffon dobby material in pink.

I have a crush for dresses featuring long sleeves and yet made of light material because they balance well together; they cover you up for that eventual windy weather and yet their fabric are light and comfy for summer. What’s more, you don’t have to look for something to wear on top; in one go, your outfit is done and you’re set to go 🙂 What’s not to love?

I added some summery sandals to finish the look, and grabbed my trusty Céline ‘mirco luggage’ handbag and sunnies, and there we were – soaking up the sun in style!

Fashion should be easy and should feel comfortable. Easy does it. ❤

What do you guys think? You’ll find below photos we took of the look below.

I post on my blog every Sunday and Wednesday. So I’ll see you in a few days with a new fashion post. In the meantime, join me for daily fashion and inspiration on Instagram.

Lily x

I am wearing:

Dress – Topshop

Sandals – Tamaris

Handbag – Céline micro luggage in black

Sunglasses – Céline

3 Replies to “Summer Breeze”

  1. Love the dress and the pictures! Totally agree dresses are easy, feminine and I love the feeling when Dress is flying by the sea!!

    Sandals are pretty and comfy too.

    And last but not least: gorgeous model!!!!


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