I recently went shopping and stumbled on this very cute retro-chic, light-blue, white striped summer dress at Zara, and tried it on and really loved the cut. I snapped a few pictures of myself wearing it and sent it to my friends and my sister to see what they thought of it. Is it a “Yay” or “Nay”? I was surprised they all, almost unanimously, said “Nay”. I decided to still get it because I loved the scooped neckline and ties in the front of the dress, looking light and breezy, but sophisticated at the same time.

Later that week I saw pictures of Kate Middleton emerging all over the Internet and Instagram who was spotted wearing this pretty blue Zara dress on a day out with her kids. To no surprise, it had instantly sold out worldwide once she wore it!

Like Kate Middleton, I paired the stylish Summer ensemble with wedges. You can mix it and match it with accessories such as sunglasses, necklaces/jewels, a watch, a tote handbag or smaller one – but just keep it chic and laid back.

Below, you’ll find more pictures of this look we shot by the sea on the beach, and also some more of Kate Middleton wearing it.



And some pics of Kate…

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